The Future of Integrated Receivables Showcased For Creditron Clients Latest Technology Ushers In A New Era On Companys 20th Anniversary

Next Generation Tax Payment Processing Comes to the Town of Brookhaven

Creditron Brings QR Code Capability to Integrated Receivables

Toronto Star Begins Corporate Remote Cheque Deposit in Canada with Creditron

Recent Wins

  • June 2014An Ohio bank with over 150 banking centers becomes Creditron's newest client using ItemAge Express, LCP and Opex 7200's.
  • June 2014Creditron wins a new publications client in Toronto, Canada who will be processing their work on NCR equipment.
  • June 2014This ItemAge client of 14 years in Florida has decided to upgrade to ItemAge Express and will be processing on 2 new Canon CR190s.
  • June 2014A lockbox provider in IL has replaced its previous vendor with Creditron and is implementing our ItemAge Express and LCP solutions.
  • May 2014A Washington state county treasurers office adds Creditron's ItemAge Express solution for their processing needs.
  • May 2014Creditron adds a new client with a large collections firm in TX! They will be implementing ItemAge Express with NCR and Canon equipment.
  • April 2014Creditron wins an upgrade order from a town in NY! They have been an ItemAge user since 2003 and will now be upgrading to ItemAge Express.
  • April 2014Creditron closes a new ItemAge Express client with a municipal collections agency who were interested in our online check module.
  • March 2014A southern Texas city becomes our new RCP client, they have been manually depositing into their bank until now.
  • March 2014This county in California upgrades their transports, PC's and cashiering stations to Windows 7.
  • March 2014A town in Virginia upgrades their aging NCR 4120 scanner to a new Canon CR-190.
  • March 2014This county in Florida adds utility payments to their Creditron solution with ItemAge Express.
  • March 2014A company in Washington upgrades to a Creditron solution with ItemAge Express and two Canon CR-190's.
  • March 2014Creditron wins a new client, a county from Arizona who was initially outsourcing but were dissatisfied for some time. They are not looking forward to bringing payments back in-house. They will be running ItemAge Express with an Opex 7200i and a Canon CR-190.
  • February 2014 Our new RCP client is a real estate membership organization. They will be using RCP with a Canon CR-80 for check only processing.
  • January 2014 This county in Florida issued an RFP in December and Creditron beat out the competition to be awarded the RFP. They will be running ItemAge Express on a Canon CR-190.
  • January 2014 Another new RCP client from California is another success story for bringing payment processing in-house rather than outsourcing to a bank lockbox.
  • January 2014 Our new RCP client from New Jersey saved money, among other benefits from going in-house vs. outsourcing to their bank lockbox.
  • November 2013This northern Ontario city will be implementing two separate ItemAge solutions running on Canon CR 190's - they process over 180,000 transactions a year.
  • November 2013A city in Georgia upgrades their hardware configuration. They have been a Creditron customer running ItemAge Express for over 7 years.
  • November 2013This Department of Corrections has been a long time ItemAge user and are now upgrading to ItemAge Express running on an Opex AS 180.
  • November 2013Long-time Electric cooperative in Tennessee upgrades to ItemAge Express to meet with current and future demands.
  • November 2013County in Florida upgrades to ItemAge Express which will help position them well to also implement ECP in a hybrid configuration down the road.
  • November 2013An electric cooperative in South Carolina implements Check 21 and upgrades to two Canon CR 190e's as the new scanners provide front and rear imaging which is required for Check 21.
  • November 2013A long-time customer running ItemAge in Sacramento, California will be replacing their two NCR 7780's which they've had for around 12 years with two NCR iTRAN 180's.
  • November 2013This utility department is transitioning from an iTRAN 180e to two Canon CR 190's which will provide them with redundancy and also reduce their annual maintenance expenditure.
  • October 2013Long-time ItemAge client in Colorado upgraded to ItemAge Express on a Canon CR 190 scanner, interfacing to Tyler through web services.
  • October 2013A New York county replaced their old NCR 7780 with Creditron's ItemAge Mini and a Canon CR 190 since they were processing only 12,000 checks a month.
  • October 2013A coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean becomes another one of Creditron's RCP clients. They process around 15,000 payments a month.
  • October 2013This county from Colorado adds OTC to their ItemAge Express solution. This upgrade adds 7 stations with IAX, Canon CR 80's and receipt printers.
  • September 2013Big win for Creditron as they add a new client. This newspaper in Canada will be implementing ItemAge Express and two Canon CR 190's and are going to be early adopters for remote deposit in Canada.
  • September 2013A long time ItemAge user, upgrades by purchasing a refurbished iTRAN 8000.
  • September 2013An Illinois city using ItemAge Express, upgrades to a Canon CR 190 with associated software and services.
  • September 2013An Insurance company in Canada upgrades their ItemAge Express system by adding a new document and upload to their solution.
  • September 2013A Creditron client since 1998, this city in Kansas upgraded their existing environment by adding a Canon CR-190 scanner, and associated software and services.
  • September 2013One of our biggest ItemAge clients, a company in Maryland upgrade their solution with some enhancements and are also looking to implement ItemAge Express in the future.
  • September 2013A southern city in California upgrades from ItemAge to ItemAge Express. Thanks to our excellent support and implementation team who made the transition seamless for the customer.
  • September 2013Our newest RCP customer, this company in North Carolina processes water and tax payments.
  • August 2013An ItemAge user for many years, this town in New York upgrades to ItemAge Express, in conjunction with buying new hardware.
  • August 2013As their business expands, this Missouri company upgrades to an OPEX As 180 to handle increased volume.
  • August 2013This Oregon city joins the Creditron family by choosing ItemAge Express with a Canon CR-135 and Check 21.
  • July 2013A central city in California who has been a Creditron customer since 2008 does a hardware refresh. They upgrade their TS4120 to a Canon CR-190.
  • July 2013Large county in Florida enhances their existing Creditron platform by adding Check 21 Remote Deposit capabilities.
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